Rocking the Bump: Tips for Embracing Your Changing Body

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November 13, 2014
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Rocking the Bump: Tips for Embracing Your Changing Body

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Holly Deforest - Rocking the Bump

By Holly DeForrest

I’ve heard from many other mothers of two or more, that the pregnancy bump becomes ever more present and evident earlier on the second time around. Boy, are they right! I feel like I went to bed pregnant at 17 weeks and woke up looking like I swallowed a cantaloupe!

I didn’t really start to show until around 20 weeks with my first child. Being a 5 foot 9 curvy woman, I always joke that I had a lot more to work with when I got started then other women. Whoever coined the phrase “Rock the Bump” empowered me to take it pretty literally. Most of my friends think I am crazy because I love being pregnant and totally embracing my bump.

That being said, I am completely blessed to have had no morning sickness and very little nausea with both of my pregnancies, so loving being pregnant and my growing bump have been made that much easier. It was refreshing being able to put on my maternity jeans this morning without feeling frumpy. I could just enjoy that my bump is finally starting to fill out the elastic band on the top of my jeans.

The in-between stages where you just look like you are gaining weight and before the bump starts to pop can be frustrating for some women, but I took it as a time to become comfortable in my ever changing body. Not every woman is a fan of maternity clothes, but I suggest making a few key purchases to help you rock your bump in an adorable way. Depending on the season you are pregnant in, leggings can be a life saver. Pair them with a long tank or t-shirt, light weight scarf and flats and the bump naturally gets molded by the leggings. Belly scarves or sashes can really enhance a plain colored shirt and emphasize the bump with an accessorized twist.

Lastly, two words: maternity underwear. It may sound silly to buy underwear for a mere 6 months of good use, but I can tell you from personal experience that there is nothing worse than trying to rock a bump while wearing Victoria Secrets that roll down and under my belly and you are picking out of the one cheek they barely still cover.

Whether you are small and petite with a perfect round basketball or tall and curvy with a sack of potatoes, every woman, every wear should rock that bump, if she be so inclined to do so!

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