“It is easy to become a father. It takes strength, hard work and a long-term commitment to become a dad.”

For New Dads, By New Dads

Boot Camp for New Dads provides the real deal on diapers, feedings, crying and caring for newborns. Our “recruits” come from all professions and occupations, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations.

The goal of this innovative training program is for you to thrive, not just survive, as the dad of a newborn. This will be accomplished by:

    • Preparing you for the unique challenges of fatherhood by getting you off to a good start as an active, involved father.
    • Making first-time fatherhood a rewarding experience as a partner in the parenting team.


Our methods are simple, designed for men by men – and they work!

    • Discussion is practical and how-to.
    • Training is hands-on with real babies.
    • And no women over the age of one are allowed!


Research shows that children whose fathers are a consistent and positive force in their lives do better socially and intellectually. These children are also happier and benefit from more satisfying relationships between their parents.

That is where Boot Camp for New Dads steps in. This innovative and highly successful program was developed by veteran dads and designed to build the confidence and skills needed as a new dad. This unique workshop in Siouxland is taught by experienced dads to help prepare first time fathers for the challenges of parenthood and to get them off to a good start being active, involved fathers.

Boot Camp for New Dads is a two-hour workshop held monthly at the Mercy Family Birth Center. The class is offered free of charge. To register, please call 712-279-2989 or the Family Birth Center at 712-279-2116. You may also register online at www.mercysiouxcity.com.

Sponsored by the Siouxland Council on Child Abuse and Neglect and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa.



  • Team tactics
  • Helping them through the emotional roller coaster
  • Methods for improving the relationship


  • Car seat basics
  • Baby-proofing the home
  • Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Pets


  • Understanding the meaning and types of cries
  • Methods for soothing a crying baby
  • What to do with an inconsolable baby


  • When and how to check
  • Finding the front at 2:00 am
  • Male and female hygiene


  • What can be done to support breastfeeding?
  • Methods for introducing and using the bottle


  • Supporting the baby’s neck
  • Passing and receiving


  • Living with a general lack of sleep
  • Dad’s role for the middle of the night feedings


  • Using a checklist to sooth a crying baby
  • When to call the doctor